February 19, 2018

Industry Note:  DJI Phantom quadcopter takes down manned helicopter on Daniel Island, Charleston, South Carolina.  This is a recent event where a Drone has caused the crash of a manned vehicle with two soles aboard.  Luckily the aerial crash occurred with some capacity of the helicopter to execute a crash landing in which the occupants were able to walk away.  No one on the ground was hurt with the crash of occurring in a vacant field. The helicopter, a Robinson R22 helicopter ($250,000), was a total loss. Conflicts between manned aircraft and remote controlled air vehicles can only rise as the number of remote controlled air vehicles in use continues to increase dramatically.  Both Commercially and Hobbyist flown UASs (Drones) have taken to the airways in unprecedented numbers. In early 2016 there were fewer than 6,000 FAA 333 commercial exemptions issued for Drones to operate Commercially.  Recently, since the passage of the FAA Part 107 which change who can pilot for commercial purposes, has risen to 122,000 issued certificates. Many hobbyist have been added with the general interest in Drones spiking sales of all varieties to over 900,000 and climbing rapidly.  Those who operate commercially and hold a 107 permit have been required to study and pass an exam which heavily emphasize safe flying and respect to air space rules. Many hobbyists who have not undergone such qualification, have no idea of their responsibility of making the airspace safe.  At Midwest UAS Services & Supply we go to extra lengths to protect both persons and property in the air and on the ground as professional fliers–including carrying Drone Liability Insurance, which is not required under any current regulations.