Wind Turbine - Industrial videography - Midwest UAS Drone Servvice

Complementing our aerial photography is our Pre/Progress/Post Construction site photography both exterior and interior.  This can be extremely beneficial to the Owner, Architect, Designer, and Contractor for the following reasons:

  • Documents the site as to pre-existing conditions and spacial relationships.
  • Provides documentation for the defense against objections raised by neighbors.
  • Can be used as support evidence for altering plans to accommodate existing impediments.
  • Documents time lines of completed work.
  • Documents non complying work before it can be buried or covered up.
  • Provides site information to those that may not be able to visit the site.
  • Defensive evidence if an accident occurs for both the liability & Workman’s Compensation carrier and OSHA.
  • Provides support for progress payments under the contract.
  • Aids those without the gift of visualization the opportunity to see and understand a project.
  • Completion photography documents the ending condition of the site and captures any deviant conditions before a contractor leaves the site, resolving issues of accountability.

For Facility Management purposes, expanding the scope of including devises, equipment, controls complete with equipment placards and Make/Model/Serial Numbers, can allow remote issues and questions to be handled quickly and often with minimal higher level management time devotion.

Documenting failing processes and equipment with photography can prevent dynamic failure that may shut down operations and/or damage aligned equipment or put at risk the potential for human injury.