Making the Decision of Chasing Technology

A recent Article:  “Eight Stages of The Commercial Drone Technology”, written by Don Weigel for Unmanned Aerial on Line, is absolutely the best article I have come across explaining the evolving technology in the UAS (Drone) Industry:

Why is this article important? There is, I feel, great frustration among the end users of this very rapidly evolving technology–“when do I jump on the train and buy into this technology”?  This is a big question because of the very high threshold cost of buying in, only to see your investment dollars erode as the technology marches/leaps forward and acquisition cost get cheaper.  As a business manager, the above outlined “Eight Stages” very accurately reflects the morphing of the industry.  The question left with the manager is, at what point do we jump in or do we simply subscribe to a service where the evolution is purchased outside through contracting or do we get on the treadmill and bring the technology in house, forcing a division of financial/human resources away from the mainline mission.  The answer is not easy and is heavily dependent upon the size of the entity and ability to scale the new technology and cover costs.  From my view point the best choice is a heads and tails where you win—Go Contract with the outside and use the emerging technology as a tool in delivering the best deliverable to clients that rely upon your main line expertise.  There is not an easy answer but the “Eight Stages” enumerated in this article, go a long way in helping identify where you are at in the cycle and may give you a guide as to what decisions your company needs to make.

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