About Midwest UAS Services and Supply

Midwest UAS Services & Supply LLC, was founded by Hague Howey and Roy Kessell.  It is their Corporate Mission to bring critical professionalism into a new era of UAS, (Drones) unmanned air craft–flying technology that demands absolute respect and protection of Human Life, Property and Privacy. To fulfill that mission, the company hires and trains only FAA certificated pilots that meet FAA currency requirements or hold a prior certificate of a classification, private pilot or higher and/or hold a FAA Part 107 “Remote Pilot” Certificate.  It is with this high level of qualification and ground support equipment that UAS missions can be scheduled and conducted almost anywhere; including controlled air space.  Advance scheduling of missions is an absolute must, in order to comply with the company approved FAA 107 Exemption and Company Policy; advance notice and protection of the overflight areas; filing of Flight Plans; and coordination and approval by a manager of any involved controlled airspace.  Even with concise scheduling and planning, the pilot in command of the flight has the final word on whether it will occur—weather, site preparation, or any other risk factor that he may deem it necessary to delay or postpone a mission.

Midwest’s product of trade is its Professional Pilots, the matching of the flight platform, suitable payload selected for the precision requited, data collection and processing in the form and format needed by the client.


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